HomeHawkX™ 1080p HD Smart Camera

Connects to Your Smartphone – View Live Footage – Anytime, Anywhere

Want to see if your baby is okay?

Or make sure your dog isn’t destroying your sofa?

Most importantly, want to stay a step ahead of burglars, thieves and con artists?

The HomeHawkX streams a live feed to the cloud when connected to the WiFi and allows you to see and hear exactly what’s going on in your house – no matter where you are!

Just connect to the stream through the app on your phone!

Now you can see what’s going on in your living room even when you’re on vacation half-way across the world.

*** Not Compatible with 5G WIFI

Convenient, Small, Lightweight and Power Packed

22m shorter than a Coke Can, this camera can be installed easily in the smallest corners of your house.

At 60mm (2.36 in) wide and 100mm (3.94 in) tall, this camera makes the perfect lightweight security system.

Choose between an Arctic White or Space Black color to best suit your home.

*** Not Compatible With 5G WIFI

Easy and Instant 3 Step Installation

The HomeHawkX was built to work straight outta the box! Yep, it’s as DIY as it gets.

You don’t need a professional or little Timothy to come help you set this up.

Step 1: Install the YCC365 app on your device

Step 2: Scan the camera’s QR code to add it to your device

Step 3: Connect the camera to your Wi-Fi network

*** Not Compatible with 5G WIFI

Your camera is now ready to go!

Never Worry About Losing Important Footage

All the important footage can be stored instantly in the cloud. That means you…


Unlike other cameras that stop recording at crucial moments due to lack of storage space, the HomeHawkX sends your data to the cloud in real time.

Videos are H.264 encoded for lightening fast upload and transmission speed.

Order your HomeHawkX today to get free cloud storage for one month!

*** Not Compatible with 5G WIFI

Be Alerted Through Motion Detection – On Your Phone!

The camera has built-in motion detection – but with one big special bonus!

It sends you an instant notification when someone moves in the protection area.

Just select your protection area and turn on motion detection. You will be notified if:

your little one is moving out of his or her crib, your dog is tearing up the couch, or an unwanted presence is lurking about in your living room!

What’s even better is that you can enable or disable motion detection straight through your smartphone!

*** Not Compatible with 5G WIFI

Dual Storage For Peace of Mind

The HomeHawkX also supports the use of a MicroSD Cardso you don’t need to worry about your internet connection dying out.

You can store up to 16 days of footage with a 64GB GB MicroSD Card. But even the smaller cards pack a punch:

16 GB MicroSD Card = 4 days of footage

32 GB MicroSD Card = 8 days of footage

64 GB MicroSD Card = 16 days of footage

(Micro SD Not Included)

Don’t thank us, thank the H.264 encoding process built into every HomeHawkX to maximise storage and transmission speeds

*** Not Compatible with 5G WIFI

Talk Through The Camera – No Matter Where You Are

The smart speaker built into the camera lets you say something to your baby, your dog, or the sleeping nanny.

It’s almost like you’re there!

Stay in control of the situation at home no matter where you are.

*** Not Compatible with 5G WIFI

0.1LUX 2mp Crisp Lens To Capture Every Crucial Detail

Whether it’s your baby waving hello, the last 4 digits of a burglar’s SSN, or your dog’s hopeful puppy eyes – don’t miss out on any detail with 1080p HD recording.

To top that off – this camera boasts a 0.1LUX/F1.2 illumination – capture high definition details even in low light conditions.

A 2mp camera, 3.6mm lens and 10m Infrared range will give you the peace of mind you need when you leave home.

*** Not Compatible with 5G WIFI

Stay Safe Through The Night With 10m Infrared Recording Distance

Afraid about a burglar breaking in when the sun goes down?

The 10m Infrared camera ensures that you capture all details clearly even at night!

That means that you can keep an eye on your driveway, your sleeping baby, or your dog’s late night adventures.

*** Not Compatible with 5G WIFI

Cover Your Entire House Without Messy Cables – Multi Camera Setup

over your living room, dining room, baby’s room, what have you!

The multi camera set up is just as simple as the single camera setup. It’s all just plug and play.

*** Not Compatible with 5G WIFI

Better Value Than Any Home Security System

Home security systems can cost upwards of $3,000.00USD for a full installation! And that doesn’t even factor in the inconvenience or the countless cables running all around your ceiling.

And here’s what’s shocking…

They don’t even include the ability to store files directly on the cloud!

Good luck getting access to the footage if a burglar knows what he’s doing.

*** Not Compatible with 5G WIFI

Never Miss An Angle or Corner – See What You Want Directly Through Your Smartphone

The fluid camera head has a smooth 350° pan and 110° tilt.

Pick what you see or get a sweeping view of your entire roomdirectly through your smartphone!

And yes, that’s right. You can use this as an outdoor PTZ camera too!

*** Not Compatible with 5G WIFI


Lens (mm): 3.6mm

High Definition: 1080P(Full-HD)

Pixel: 2MP

Network Interface: Wi-Fi/802.11/b/g

Supported Mobile Systems: ios, Android

Connectivity: IP/Network Wireless 

Special Features: Vandal-proof

Power Supply(V): 5V-2A

Type: IP Camera

IR Distance(m): 10m

TF Card: None

Video Compression Format: H.264

Wall Bracket: Ceiling

Audio Output: Two-way audio

Storage: 4-64Gb (not included)

*** Not Compatible with 5G WIFI

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