Global Smallest 8GB Professional Voice Recorder Digital Audio Mini Dictaphone + MP3 Player + USB Flash Drive



The smallest professional voice recorder on the market just got better with a quick one-button recording. This mini recorder features a 10-hour battery life and 90 hours of audio storage, which is incredible considering its’ size, making it the perfect covert audio recording device. You can even listen to the recordings directly from the device using the included headphones or listen to the recordings on your PC or Mac computer.


The no hassle recording has a simple ON/OFF switch located on the top of the unit which will allow you to start recording at a moments’ notice. Since this is a digital audio recorder, you can even listen to the recorded files directly from the device using the included headphones or download them to your PC or Mac computer for editing and playback.

When listening to your audio recordings through the item itself, be sure to plug in your headphones before powering on the device. Once your headphones are plugged in, go ahead and power on the device. Press the (-) minus button located on the bottom of the device to start playing the first audio file, and press the (+) plus button if you want to move to the next file. If you need to increase or decrease the volume of the audio files while you are listening to them press and hold the (+) plus or (-) minus keys to increase and decrease the volume.

To charge this small device, plug the included USB cable into your PC, MAC or any USB device with power. It takes 2 hours for a full charge.


Looking for the tiniest digital audio recorder in the world? This item is the same size as a normal paper clip, giving it the flexibility to be creatively placed in virtually any location to make it an ideal spy voice recorder.

It has a 10 hour battery life to last an entire work day and 90 hours of storage, with an easy on/off switch for quick covert recording. This device can be setup to record continuously or upon voice activation quickly and conveniently. Files can be time and date stamped through a Windows computer for evidence gathering. This item comes with a pair of headphones so you can listen to the recordings directly from the device or plug it into your PC or MAC to download your recorded files. No special software is required to listen to your files since they are recorded in an .WAV format which can be played through VLC media player or most standard players.

No need to worry about battery life, with this recorders’ quick 2 hour recharge time and portable USB cable you can quickly charge your device on any powered USB port, PC or MAC computer.


  • Dictation Device
  • Recording Lectures
  • Recording Conversations
  • On-the-Go Covert Recording
  • Recording Business Meetings
  • Law Enforcement Evidence Gathering
  • Recording Verbal Abuse at Home or Work

Shape Description

1) Power switch/record switch

2) + volume plus/key for next song

3) − volume minus/MP3 music conversion key

4) Headphone jack

5) Work indicating lamp

6) 3-in-1 function: Voice Recorder + MP3 Player + U-Disk

Size of playing MP3 of U disk of high-definition audio of micro voice recorder: length x width x height 45x17x5 (unit:mm)

Function use

1.Power switch

In the state of not plugging in the ear plugs.push the power switch to the marked ON end to start the recording automatically, and at the moment, the indicating lamp lights up and goes out automatically after flashing three times. Which proves to enter into the recording work state. Push the power switch to the marked OFF end to save the recording.

In the state of plugging in the ear plugs. push the power switch to the marked ON end. to play the recording file or MP3 music file. and at the moment. the indicating lamp will flash continuously.

Push the power switch to the marked OFF end. so that all work is closed. and at this moment. the power has turned off.

2. (+)volume plus/ key for next song

In the state of plugging in the ear plugs and playing.shortly press + key for the next song, and long press for volume plus.

3. (−) volume minus/ mode switch:

In the state of plugging in the ear plugs and playing. shortly press -key for recoding file and MP3 music conversion playing. and long press for volume minus.

4. Headphone jack

In the state of powering is the recording work state without plugging in the ear plugs.and is the file playing state while plugging in the ear plugs.

5. Indicating lamp:

In the recording state. the indicating lamp shall go out automatically after flashing for several times. in the playing state. it will flash slowly; in the charged state, it will be flashing; and in the fully charged state. it will be always on (remarks: while charging, it has no need to turn on the power button).

Functional parameters

Battery capacity: Lasting for about 13h while continuously recording

Lasting for about 13h while continuously playing

Recording format: WAV

Music format: MP3/WMA/WAV

Lasting for about 24h for 2GB while continuously recording

Lasting for about 48h for 4GB while continuously recording

Lasting for about 96h for 8GB while continuously recording

Sampling frequency: 48KHZ

Bits: 192KBPS

Remarks: Due to the recording effect of this product, relatively clear quality and high parameters having reached the top parameters, the recording file is relatively big, thus, please extract and save the recording file timely.

Warm tips: For this machine comes with the intelligent reset system, please save the file being recorded before connecting the computer

Package Included:

1 x 3-in-1 Voice recorder

1 x USB connector

1 x Earphone

4 Benefits of Using a Voice Recorder Throughout Your DayYou Can Talk Faster Than You Can Write


Have you ever tried “writing” an essay, book, or article by speaking it instead of typing first? It’s much quicker, and a fantastic way to avoid staring blankly at a white page until the words “just come.” For some, mental activity mimics physical activity, so speaking into your recorder while in motion–on your treadmill or on a walk–could get your creativity flowing.

You Will Never Forget an Important Thought You Have Ingenious ideas don’t always strike at the most convenient times. You could be crawling at a glacial pace in rush hour traffic when that ah-hah moment hits. Instead of fishing through your bag for a pen (lipliner or eyeliner if you’re feeling desperate and clever), drifting into rush hour pals’ rides, tap that record button and keep both hands on the wheel.

You Are Able to Save Important Information While On-The-Go In this juggling act we call modern life, efficiency hacks are welcomed with open arms. Say you hop off an important call with exactly five minutes before your next coffee meeting down the road. Don’t stop to write down the highlights of that call. You don’t have time for that. Walk and talk out the important points. Better yet, strut. Because you’re killing the productivity game.

Instead of Reading, You Get to Listen to Your Ideas The eye fatigue is real. Give those screen-weary peepers a breather and hit the playback button to review your audio. If you like what you hear and want to have it in writing, services like Rev will transcribe it into text for only $1 per audio minute. Rev’s Voice Recorder app lets you do it all with a tap of a button.