2020 New Electric Smart Neck Massager,

Wireless Portable 3D Neck Massage Equipment with Heating Function,

Electric Pulse Heated Neck Massager Pressure Point for Office,Home,Sport

This smart neck massager heats up in seconds to mimic warm human hands and deliver “life-like” therapy for neck soreness, shoulder discomfort, and body tension.

Use it daily to get soothing relief from …

✓ Neck pain and stiffness

✓ Shoulder discomfort

✓ Cervical pain

✓ Body tension



SmartNECK works by combining low frequency electrical impulses with consistent heat and TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) technology. As a result, problem areas experience more blood flow and the release of natural painkillers called endorphins.

When your massage is done expect to have a fuller range of motion that’s much closer to normal.


Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere

Whether you need deep tissue penetration or pin-point pressure relief, SmartNECK is the perfect-sized portable device to provide relaxing therapy at the desk, on the commute, on the recliner, or in the bed.

Use it for 15 minutes each day for the best results. And try not to let SmartNECK put you to sleep while using it to reclaim mobility during work breaks. Yes, it feels that darn good!


Multiple kneading massage nodes deliver gentle warmth and electrical pulsations 3 to 5 centimeters below the skin. This leads to more blood flow and release of pain killing endorphins to the affected area.

Expect to enjoy a deep tissue massage that can open up pain points and lessen discomfort associated with the cervical spine.


Made from durable 304 stainless steel, the massager is built to last.

Plus, it’s tough elastic arm and soft pressure band makes it suitable for all neck sizes. Expect a firm, comfortable fit.


✓ Neck pain

✓ Cervical stiffness

✓ Arthritis pain

✓ Knotted neck and shoulders

✓ Cervical nerve pain

✓ Pinched nerves

✓ Pain from poor posture

✓ Oedema and inflammation

✓ Headaches at the back of the neck

✓ Muscle spasms or sharp, shooting pain from trigger points




Simulates perfect massage by combining constant 107.6 F (42°C) heat to 3 effective massage modes and 15 adjustable strength levels



A single charge of this 1600mAh rechargeable battery gives you 15 relaxing minutes of daily use over 30 days



Thanks to a compact and portable design you can take Topneck anywhere and expect it to be resilient against wear and tear



No worry about getting tangled in cords



Automatically turns off to prevent accidental overuse and maximize battery life


Gordon T.

This product was purchased for my wife and she is over the moon with it.
Good quality looks great love it.

Debra C.

My mother loves it

Joyce H.

I love my neck massager it was exactly what they say it is

Amy R.

it is so convenient and practical !

I ordered it for my husband who always feels very tired from work. it’s so beautiful and comfortable, and portable to carry. It has many different massage modes. My husband uses it everyday and it makes his neck very relax. Highly recommend to people who spends too much time on the laptop and gets sore neck.


As good as a hug!

I am so excited to review because i have neck pain and very stiff. I have ongoing chiropractor. But i tried the massager once i received and whole day today. I was amazed because i felt comfortable in my neck and shoulders. Me and my brother in law are using the item. Will recommend to my friends too.


Very relaxing!

My neck gets intense very easily. So I searched for a neck massage on Amazon. So far, I’m satisfied with this product. It helps my neck relaxed and very easy to use. I can use it when I am working on my laptop or watching TV. I even use it at the office. The modern look doesn’t bring me any embarrassment. I like to use it!

Carolyn Guzman

Neck pain relief

This is a good product. It relaxes your muscle and does ease the stiffness too. I can carry it around as it is not that heavy. I was looking for a product like this as I have a lot of pain in my shoulders. This has actually hgelped me a lot and i can take it with me while on job. Much recommended.


Best Birthday gift for mom.

I brought it for my mom on her 65 yrs old bday. I give to her. And help her test out. She is so surprised that it’s heat up and really comfortable. After days of using it. She said as her age the weight is little bit heavy. But she said it’s the best bday gift she ever received.

Jacqueline W.

Great Features

Truly feels like you’re getting a real massage! Goes deep and in a circular motion. Makes your neck feel grwat. The heat soothes and eases your pain. i like how I can leave it on vibration only for a less intense massage, more like a gentle massage. The vibration is a great added bonus. I would recommend.