Air Humidifier 550ml, Essential Oil Diffuser, Aromatherapy with Remote Control
Fresh Year, Fresh Scent! 

Humidifiers are used to increase moisture in the air. They’re useful for helping you breathe better, relieving dry skin, and ameliorating cold symptoms by reducing dryness and irritation of the nose and throat. Humidifiers release humid air into your home, which may also help kill the flu virus.

Air Humidifier 550ml, Essential Oil Diffuser, Aromatherapy with Remote Control

Fresh Year, Fresh Scent!

Purify the ambience of your room, office or TV lounge with the brand new essential oil diffuser that doubles as decor. ORDER right now to avail an exclusive discount!

The essential oil diffuser works on Advanced Ultrasonic Micro-atomization technology to perform refreshing aromatherapy. Customize your aroma to match your mood. The diffuser is a stunningly beautiful item that  blends in and stands out at the time.

It features a beautiful LED design and lets you control the color and brightness via a remote controller. 

Turn it on when you are about to sleep and take slow deep breaths. You will be sound asleep in no time. 

In your office, it calms down nerves and relives work tension. It finds application even in meditation and yoga as it improves focus and puts you on top of your game!

                       550ml Aroma Air Humidifier Essential Oil Diffuser  

              Aromatherapy Electric Ultrasonic cool Mist Maker for Home with Remote Control 


-Refresh indoor air: You can refresh the air through the aroma diffused by the ultrasonic humidifier

-Concentrate on your mind: you can add 3-5 drops essential oil in the water, To refresh your mind when you have a long office meeting or study alone through the subtle aroma diffused by the humidifier.

-Bedtime relax: Relax your body and mind after a busy day. Make you feel relaxed and comfortable through the delicate fragrance all around the bedroom.

-Home exercises: Enjoy purified space and soul when doing yoga or simple stretching exercise along with wonderful aromas throughout your home.

-Decoration: The humidifier can be also used as a vase but don’t plug in the power supply. 


  • Mist Control – Press the “Mist” button, choose the timer from 120 mins, 240 mins or ON.
  • Light Control:
  1. – Press the “Light” button to turn on the LED light, the color will change automatically.
  2. -Press the “Light” button again to fix the color.
  3. -Press the “Light” button again to change color.
  4. -If you need to turn it off please long press the button for one second.
  • High/Low Control – Adjust the spray intensity(strong or weak)

Moisturizing and purifying at the same, offering healthy air for you. With colorful LED light, wonderful night light for your bedroom.Compact design for easy care and ultra quiet design won’t annoy you 

Why Everyone Should Use a Humidifier​

 1. Moisturize Your Skin and Lips

 Dry air may cause a wide variety of unpleasant symptoms to your skin. When forced-air heating is running and causes the humidity levels to dip down to between 20-30%, or the weather is particularly dry, your skin starts to lose its moisture. This can lead to your skin feeling tight, dry, itchy and flaky.​

2. Protect Your Throat

When exposed to indoor air that has too little moisture, it’s possible for your vocal chords to become dry and scratchy. If these conditions persist and your throat continues to feel irritated for long durations, it’s possible that you may become hoarse and lose your voice. This is especially true if you were recently exposed to the flu or a virus. Humidifiers have also been shown to be an effective tool in the fight against croup, a childhood virus that causes inflammation in the upper airways and leads to a barking type of cough and hoarseness.

3. Soothe Your Sinuses

Low humidity is notorious for drying out your sinus passages. It’s a terrible feeling when it happens and, in worse case scenarios, can possibly lead to discomfort in the nose, sinus pressure, headaches and even bloody noses. Contrary to what many people may think, when your nose is stuffy, humidity is another natural way to help clear it out. This helps because because the moist air helps keep the mucous flowing, decreasing the chances of you suffering from stuffed up nasal passages. Having the optimal levels of humidity in the air can not only help soothe your sinuses, but it also helps decrease your chances of getting a bloody nose and allow you to clear out the excess mucous so you can breathe more freely.

4. Ease Symptoms of Illness

If you have a cold or the flu, a humidifier can help ease many of the unpleasant symptoms that come along with being sick. These symptoms may include breathing difficulties, stuffed-up nose and a dry, painful throat. Keeping these side effects at bay with a humidifier or vaporizer not only helps you get some much-needed rest, but it may also help you speed up your overall recovery time.

5. Reduce Snoring

Many people don’t realize that dry air can actually contribute to — even increase the severity — of your snoring symptoms. This happens because insufficient moisture in the air causes the throat to swell and the nose to become congested. Once this happens, the air movement through your nose becomes restricted. This causes you to breathe through your mouth and you then snore. Having the optimal levels of humidity in the air can ease the dryness, and ultimately reduce your snoring.

6. Protect Your Furniture & Floors

Wooden elements, such as flooring and furniture, react negatively to fluctuations in humidity. When wooden items become too dry, it’s possible for them to crack and split. If you have the optimal levels of humidity in your home, you also protect the suppleness and integrity of your wood furnishings.

Customer Reviews:


Lara W. – St. Louis, MO  

3 Jan 2019 08:34 AM 


So surprised at how well this works! Love that you don’t have to twist the top off and the 500ml lasts FOREVER. I had it running for at least 10 hours today without refilling water or oil. Two output speeds are amazing and the remote control is so convenient. Going to buy another I am so pleased! Worth the money!!


Paige S. – Kansas City, MO

27 Dec 2019 2:33 PM 

Super long running, very quiet, definitely fills a room well, great stream of mist and works immediately. Love the settings on this for color and for length of time running. Will buy again!


Patrick N. – San Antonio, TX

16 Dec 2019 7:17 PM  

Product is very capable of running well with a long lasting 500ml capacity and timer and dimmer programmable. Super long running, very quiet, definitely fills a room well, great stream of mist and works immediately. Love the settings on this for color and for length of time running. Will buy again!

Ashly K. – Greenwood, MS

 19 Nov 2019 4:22 PM

This is a great product and easily replaces several others that I’ve purchased over the years. The essential oil diffuser is great because that’s really popular right now, and easily let’s me experiment with different scents. The humidifier works great, in my building the air tends to feel dry and stuffy, but not with this on. The multiple and color changing lights are a fun option to add a bit of brightness to the room, and I saved the best for last. It has a remote!

Allen R. – Cleveland, OH 

25 Oct 2019 11:39 PM 

My daughter got baby eczema, so I was looking for a mist to get things better. When I purchased this one, I was wondering if it would work. But after ten days using, I was so satisfied with it. Besides the mist, I liked the light the best because it was changeable to different colors.