10 thoughts on “Breathe Green Charcoal

  1. I have bought this bags two different size I just can’t tell they work at all. Then about 3 weeks ago I ordered the Breath Green plug ins I left on an errand and 30 minutes later I got back home and it was amazing. When I ordered I was very fearful using my credit card on this site and I check it often so to be on the safe side I called my bank and changed my acct. Number. Sorry but very bad experience ordering on line has hurt me deeply. Well I shared the Breath green with my best friend and she ordered 8 last week and constantly thanks me about it now her home and mine a fresh crispy fresh 🤗

    1. We are very happy we could help. I use myself Air purifier and I love it. Charcoal more eliminates something like mold and bacteria. Air purifier gives you a pleasant fresh air in your house.


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