SES Revolutionary Tech Device Solves Slow WiFi Connections

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If you are reading this article from a device with WiFi connection at your home, odds are you are being completely taken advantage of.Paragraph

Todd Applebee, 53, was furious. He had just persuaded his boss to let him work remotely from his home – a longtime dream of his – and he was excited to be working in a pleasant, comfortable work environment, but this pleasant work environment turned out to be short lived.Paragraph

When attempting to work from home, his page load times took ten minutes! Unacceptable when you have a million moving parts in your work day and simultaneously trying to stay in communication with your colleagues. Not to mention the downloads, streams and websites he needed to have access to throughout the day and that is not where the problems stopped.

He had recently contacted his internet provider and increased his connection to the top tier a month prior in anticipation of working from home. He understood that if he was working from home, he would need to have the best internet connection money could buy. Frustrated, he did what any of us would do in that situation.

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He called his internet provider and explained his problem. To his amazement they could not send out a technician for two weeks! This meant that he had to push off working from home, his lifelong dream, for another two weeks and when the technician finally arrived, Todd was in for a treat.

The internet technician, Steven (name changed to protect his privacy as we wouldn’t want his employers knowing who gave away trade secrets), came out and “repaired” Todd’s internet- increasing his connection back to high speeds. He seemed like a nice enough guy and just solved Todd’s internet issues, so Todd offered him a beer

“I’m on the job, man. I really shouldn’t” Steven said as he accepted the beer.Paragraph

As their conversation continued, Todd and Steven connected and became friends and when Todd told Steven the need for fast internet connection, Steven informed Todd that his slow internet problems would arise again in about two weeks. Todd couldn’t believe what he was hearing.Paragraph

“They increase your speeds when asked and it pleases the customer but then they play with the bandwidth – slowing the internet down”, Steven said. “They electronically manipulate your router which nowadays is combined with your modem so that no matter what you do, your internet slows down over time.”Paragraph

“How is that possible?” Todd questioned in disbelief. “Can you test the modem to see how fast its operating?”

“Yes, you can but they list the speed that’s being displayed over two channels and you can only ever really access one channel at a time, so you need to split the speed in half”

Angered, but not in disbelief, Todd let Steven know that he might as well have not fixed anything and that he would be changing his internet provider.

“It won’t make a difference,” Steven said. “All companies do it. All the internet service providers care about is turning a profit and by slowing down your internet connection it entices the customer to ‘upgrade’. Its consumerism, man!”

Shocked, Todd leaned back into his chair in shock.

“Is there any way to avoid this?” He asked, taken back.Image

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Steven smiled, finished his beer and went out to his car returning with a small white device. He inserted the device into the wall, connected the internet cable to it, and stepped back smirking in happiness.

“You didn’t get this from me, my friend.” He exclaimed. “It’s Ultra WiFi Pro. It connects the two channels allowing you to use both at once and thus boosting your internet in your entire home. Trust me you will not have any internet issues anymore.”Paragraph

Todd smiled from ear to ear and thanked Steven for the life changing gift. Steven only had one thing to say as he shook his hand and patted him on the back:

“Thanks for the cold beer, man”

We ourselves were curious about this “Ultra WiFi Pro “, so we decided to do some research to find out if it is the real deal or not!Paragraph

After some serious digging we found that this product is extremely useful and the 100% the real deal. This product enhances your WiFi speeds while at the same time extending the range of the connection. It connects the two channels that the ISP provides doubling speeds creating one super network up to 400 Mbps and on top of that the external antennas allow for a more sustainable connection.

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It’s the only real solution for multi-level homes that have poor connection throughout the house, and it works with ANY WiFi router. So, no matter what you are currently experiencing, it can be improved! It also has an Ethernet port so you can connect your wired devices, like your HD TV.Paragraph

It really worked! The WiFi signal was sustainable and the speed was the fastest we’ve seen.

Ultra WiFi Pro arrived in three days and within minutes of plugging it in the entire house had incredibly fast internet.

  1. Streaming online had no load time errors
  2. Online purchasing was seemless
  3. The entire house was connected with no lags or dead zones!

What Is It?

The device is called Ultra WiFi Pro and it’s an extremely powerful WiFi Booster that allows you to access two channels at once creating a ‘super-network’. Its compact design keeps it out of sight while housing state of the art technology to boost your WiFi strength and extend the signal.

How Does It Work?

ParagraphUltra WiFi Pro works universally with any internet service provider (ISP) as well as any router. Simply plug it into the wall and it also comes with an Ethernet port so you can connect your wireless devices

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