Ranked The Best Indoor HDTV Antenna In The Country

Get Free TV Today In Full HD Quality No Contracts. No Subscriptions. Ever.
Over 1.2 million Americans have already made the switch, making Ultra HD the most trusted and powerful antenna on the market today. Ultra HD grants instant access to today’s most popular TV channels and movies, all without any expensive contracts or subscriptions.

Access To Free HD Channels
Get up to 100+ HDTV Channels

Live Sports (NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, NASCAR and more)

Award Winning Shows & Movies

Quick & Easy Setup
Less than 3 minute setup time

Place the antenna anywhere indoors. Scan for channels, and you’re done!

Works great in homes, campers and RVs

Military-Grade Technology
Allows capture of 1080p HD Signals

50 Mile Range (Works Anywhere In The United States)

Dual band reception- VHF/UHF, Antenna has 20 dB gain

Key Features
Sleek indoor TV antenna connecting you to hours of free live HD television. Mount the razor-thin antenna anywhere and start pulling in loads of channels in crystal-clear, full-quality HD. With this super-easy plug-and-play antenna at your fingertips, you can start watching your favorite shows for free, in minutes.

TV Shows- up to 100+ HDTV Channels
High Quality Supports 1080p HDTV
Reach Up to 50 miles away
Plug and Play Installs in seconds

23 thoughts on “Ranked The Best Indoor HDTV Antenna In The Country

  1. How do you know which channels you can get? That’s a reason for the antenna, to lower cost and be able to watch your favorite shows on the channels they are on my cable service? 100 channels sounds great, but need to know if they are worth switching

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