LED Alarm Clock With Phone Wireless Charger


  • Telephone wireless charger(Support iOS, Android, Windows wireless charging device)
  • Digital LED display, clear numbers, time and content at a glance, brightness control can adjust the brightness just right
  • Date
  • Can be used as a wake-up light, multi-color night light, mood night light, ambient light, bedroom clock, indoor lighting, wake-up clock, especially suitable as a holiday gift for family or friends
  • Extremely simple operation – the design of the cool clock takes into account the absolute simplicity, and there is no problem in operating it. Easy for boys, girls, kids, teenagers, seniors and the elderly.
  • Meet all your day and night needs. You can manually adjust the brightness or set it to automatic mode. It will adjust the brightness according to the environment, protect your eyes at night and save energy
  • Time (12/24 hour switch)
  • Alarm clock (3 sets of alarm clocks)
  • Thermometer (Celsius and Fahrenheit)
  • Energy saving mode(On/Off)
  • iOS devices: iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus
  • Andriod devices: S9,S9 Plus, Note8, S8, S8 Plus, S7, S7 Edge, Note 5, S6 Edge Plus



1. Power on, LED display on with Time and Temperature.

2. In various modes (except temperature), Press and hold to enter the settiadjust the setting digit by press and hold to up or down the digit rapidly. 

3. Press to switch modes(Time/Date/A1/A2/A3) below, to set the modes you need by long press when what’s show up on screen 


A. Setting range: Hour: 1-12hour or 0-23hour; Minute: 00–59

B. when the dot light up on the upper left corner of the display panel to indicate it’s time for afternoon. 


A. Setting range: Month: 1-12; Day: 1-31; Year: 2000-2099

B. Setting detail: Left idle for 15 seconds it will exit setting status. Dp-1 return directly to Time mode. Dp-2 displays the Date have been set. Dp-3 return to the Date mode, and return to the Time mode after 15 seconds. 


A. There will be a dot light up at the right upper of Minute once the Alarm set.

B. While It’s time for Alarm, it will automatically return to the Alarm mode with buzzer ringing and Alarm dot keep blinking. Press any button to stop the sound. If no operation on the button, the sound will stop after 60 seconds, the dot will not disappear. 


A. Power on, automatically detect the current temperature, Normal measurement range is from 0℃ to 50 ℃ (32 ℉ – 122 ℉).

B. Detect temperature every 60 seconds, press DOWN button for 2 seconds to switch between Fahrenheit/Celsius.

C. Temperature display light up all the time (except Power-saving ON) 


Turn on/off the power-saving function by pressing the “DOWN”button. (ON with display oNSd and OFF shows –Sd). Press twice to switch Standby or Power saving status. 

External power-off protection:

If unplug the external power, there would be no display on LED screen and no use for any pressing on any button, but the time function still be on.

Wireless technology PROS

  • CHARGE ANY MOBILE PHONE WHILE YOU SLEEP😴💤: the digital alarm with wireless charging is compatible with all makes and models of phones that support Qi charging. Every day, by the time the alarm goes off and you wake up, you will have your phone fully charged. All you have to do is remember to leave it on the charger base when you go to bed.
  • MULTIFUNCTION🔧🔧: this digital desk clock comes with a variety of functions that make it unique: alarm clock, charger, and temperature display on the screen. It comes with alarms of three different types; ambient temperature, date, and time are displayed on the screen; it also comes with a wireless charger for a mobile phone, with a maximum power of 10W.
  • FORGET THE CABLES❌ : say goodbye to having to carry traditional chargers with cables from place to place. Join the revolution and see the future. With this magnificent alarm clock, in addition to alarms, you will also have a charging station for your mobile phone, and the best thing is that all you have to do is put the phone on the base to charge, and you’re done!
  • QUALITY, DESIGN AND SECURITY✅✅: this digital clock with wireless charger has an elegant and sophisticated design that fits in with all styles of interior decor. It has protection against voltage surges and short circuiting, detection of foreign objects, temperature control, and security conforming to the Qi wireless charging standard.
  • FINALLY, YOU CAN REST EASY⏰: other digital alarm clocks have large luminous numbers which distract you and keep you from falling asleep. Thanks to this model, your sleep hours will not be interrupted by these factors: by pressing the on/off button, you can keep the screen off, ensuring pleasant rest. Best of all, it will continue to work both as a clock and as a wireless charger.
  • Fewer cables mean less clutter; frees up your phone port for other uses; reduces the likelihood of power surge to your phone.
  • The amount of battery degradation due to over-cycling appears to be minimal on most phones
  • Super-convenient to set your phone on your bedstand, counter, or another piece of furniture — and it charges 
  • Charging pads last longer than cables so create less trash for landfills

“This is a great multipurpose charger. I use it bedside and it’s small enough that my small Samsung smart remote can block the light from shining right into my eyes. There is also an option to have the lights only show on command, but I like having it illuminated so I can read it in the middle of the night. It feels like a modern throwback to the old alarm clocks. The size is just about the same size as iPhone XR with a case. There is a small light that tells you if the charger is working. I figured out that I can get it perfect every time by just aligning the edges when I set the phone down. I like that better than the circle chargers where you don’t always see the charge light. I also like that clock and the phone not being upright. The combination of the two mean I don’t need to turn my phone on in the middle of the night. It also very lightweight and I find myself checking the temperature sensor more than I would have thought.” – Martin, 29

“This is a very cool looking table clock-phone wireless charger. It has light weight and connects to a computer dock or computer via usb cable. When you unplug the screen goes off but the clock shows the correct time after you plug it back in. It shows the temperature in Celcius at first, but if you want it show in Fahrenheit press and hold the down button. 😊It charges my phone without any problems. I am satisfied with this product and recommend it.” – Donna, 33 


“Simple little alarm clock and Qi wireless charger, I can’t complain at this point in time it does its job. Uses about 0.3 watts and around 7 watts when charging a phone. This clock displays time and temp, as well as date, and features 3 different alarms. The display is quite bright and doubles as a night light. Some folks may find it too bright at night, and if you could adjust the brightness down a level or 2, that would be nice. I like it the way it is and especially love being able to charge my phone wirelessly just by laying it down on top of the clock. I also use it to charge my smart watch at night when I am sleeping so it’s ready to go when the alarm wakes me up. This is a nice device, I recommend it it.” – Eric, 42 

“Wireless charging is fantastic! I have a wireless charger in the house, but like most people, I use my phone as an alarm clock. I sometimes forget to charge it before bed, so this is the perfect solution! The clock has a large easy to read display. There are 3 alarm clocks, that is great as my schedule varies from day to day. It is amazing that the clock is so lightweight, it is almost like it is an empty box. It charged my phone while I was watching TV. The temperature is a great feature as I normally don’t know unless I check. The design is modern and sleek. And the functionality gives me multiple alarms, temperature, and even displays the date. – Scott, 37