26 Amazing Gifts That Will Knock Your Holiday Stockings Off

We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.” – Winston Churchill

It’s that time of the year again. Whether you love the holidays or hate them, it’s inevitable that you will be shopping for gifts that will hopefully make your friends and family smile. We completely understand the financial stress that the holidays put on everyone. So, we have put together a perfect list of gadgets designed specifically to make your lives easier. And the best part? Every one of our gadgets runs for under $60. The staff at Curious Finds has worked tirelessly to make your holiday season as affordable and enjoyable as possible. Don’t stress out this season. Check off your shopping list here. I promise you will find something for everyone.

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Photostick – Back Up All Of Your Precious Photos In Seconds
ThePhotoStick is the ONLY product of its kind that makes saving up to 60,000 family photos and videos painless, and completely hassle free. This becomes increasingly important as you get older. Priceless pictures and videos of grandchildren, old digitized images of your adult children when they were kids…

Plus, you’ll love how easy using the Photostick is. Just connect this small thumb-sized drive to your PC or Mac, press ‘Go’ and it will automatically sync your pictures and videos into the stick. No technical knowledge or computer expertise is required! Now all of your family photos are stored safely offline where only you have access to them.

For a limited time, the creators of Photostick are offering our readers up to 50% off on Photostick. Click here or the button below to take advantage.Get Photostick Today And Save Up To 50%

Snow – Whiter Teeth in 9 Minutes!
By now you’ve probably spotted pics of celebs all over social media sporting Snow’s signature glowing blue mouth piece. — It’s become the #1 most wished-for brand of 2019!

Snow is cheaper than dentists and easier than strips. They invented a proprietary LED-activated whitening system that removes deep wine, soda, coffee and smoking stains.

With a 99% satisfaction rating, Snow now has over 500,000 happy customers worldwide (I’m one of them). I bought one of their wireless systems and love it!

Act Now: Snow whitens teeth fast, as in 9 minutes fast. 100% guaranteed results. How’s that for a great, risk-free gadget? Click here or the button below to get started.Get $50.00 Off Snow Today

Go Audio™️ Wireless Earbuds – Forget Apple AirPods. Here’s Why..
We’ve all seen Apple’s Airpods and how they have completely reshaped the industry. However, Apple Airpods are the evolution of what GoAudio™️ started. Apple’s product is inferior in my opinion. Fresh out of Silicon Valley, these revolutionary wireless earphones keep upping the game and taking premium quality to another level.

GoAudios™️ are top of the line yet affordable earphones that offer not only the best audio experience, but also complete freedom. Their ergonomic design ensures that they will stay in your ears whether you’re running, climbing, cycling, or driving.

We believe GoAudios™️ are more affordable, better quality and better fitting than what Apple is currently selling. These are simply the best earphones on the market and will make a fantastic gift for yourself or others.

Deal Alert: If you get 2 or more sets, you’ll also receive a FREE bluetooth speaker as a thanks. Click here.Listen Better With GoAudios Wireless Earbuds

HandyHeater™️ – Heat Up ANY Room Fast With This New Pocket Sized Plugin Heater
Now you NEVER have to be without heat again! This new handy little heater plugs into any standard electric outlet and heats up any space up to an incredible 250sq feet! No wonder why it’s called HandyHeater!

Use HandyHeater to warm up your bathroom, office, RV/Camper, garage, storage unit, or anywhere you need to get warm and toasty – fast! You can easily adjust the thermostat and even set it on a TIMER! What? Yeah, it’s safe to say HandyHeater will be a fan favorite this holiday season. So get yours while you still can!Get HandyHeater Today

Photostick Mobile – Instantly Download Your Photos From Your Phone
If your favorite photos and videos aren’t saved somewhere besides on your smartphone, you’re asking for trouble.

1 in 3 smartphone users will lose ALL of their photos and videos from water damage alone! Wedding photos, family vacations, anniversary pictures, grandkids, kids…you get the picture….


Of course, no one wants to spend hours moving and organizing years-worth of photos onto a storage device. And a professional digital photo organizer can cost you some serious $$$!

Meet ThePhotoStick Mobile – quite possibly the simplest, least-expensive digital organizer ever. Click here to read more..Learn More about Photostick Mobile

A Cheap Gadget To Ensure You Never Pay More Than You Should On Car Repairs
One of the worst feelings that comes with owning a car is seeing the dreaded “check engine” light. Usually, many of us have to spend the much needed time and energy going to our “trusty” mechanic who will no doubt overcharge for the cost of your repairs or even a basic diagnosis. We found a solution for this problem. It’s called FIXD.

FIXD is a pocket-sized device that plugs into the dashboard of your car and immediately diagnoses your car’s problem, it also has multi-vehicle control so you can remotely monitor the health of your family’s vehicles. Moreover, FIXD also provides continuous monitoring so you will always be up to date on the health of your car. This device is revolutionizing the auto industry by putting a mechanic in everyones pocket.

Never get scammed at the garage again and save yourself thousands in auto repairs. Click here or the button below to find out more about FIXD.Click Here To Learn More About FIXD »

Starscope Monoculars – Better Than Any $3000 Telescope
You’ve got see this thing to believe it. It’s a pocket sized monocular (mini telescope) that has the same technology as full-sized telescopes that run $3000 or more.

The best part? It’s only $49. Once you see it, we’re sure you or someone know will want it. Click here to check it out.Click Here To Read More About The Starscope Monocular

Aculief™️ – Gadget Solves Chronic Pain Instantly
Introducing the patented, award-winning acupressure device that eradicates heachaches and migraines FAST!! Introducing Aculief, the safe, natural way to make painful headaches and migraines disappear in just minutes.

This doctor-approved and recommended self-treatment works by applying pressure to the LI4 (short for Large Intestine) pressure point located between the thumb & forefinger. According to Johns Hopkins University, applying pressure to LI4 is effective in relieving headaches, eye pain, toothaches, and more! Aculief works right out of the box, comes in various colors, and lets you enjoy drug-free relief night & day – for life!

With a 60-Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee, what do you have to lose…except those nasty headaches!Get Aculief Today. No More Pain Tomorrow.

BarxBuddy – World’s First Dog Training Remote
If you have a dog or know someone that does, you probably know that training them, or correcting bad behavior, can be quite challenging. Not anymore!

Introducing BarxBuddy™️, the world’s first dog training remote. Whether you’re teaching a young puppy new tricks, teaching an old dog new tricks, or just trying to reverse bad behaviors, this amazing gadget is for you AND your dog.

We’ve partnered with the product owners to exclusively offer our readers 50% off. You won’t find this deal anywhere.Get 50% Off BarxBuddy™️

GlowBowl™️ – Toilet Gadget Turns Potty Time Into Party Time!
This incredibly useful and fun toilet gadget makes your toilet safer, cleaner and a much better time!

GlowBowl was invented to address safety, hygiene and our never-ending desire to have fun and unique stuff. It’s the coolest way to safely navigate the bathroom at night, while eliminating those messy toilet misses…forever. Plus, it comes with a replaceable air freshener! GlowBowl will make your toilet the coolest, cleanest and freshest smelling toilet around. Let’s be clear; GlowBowl is no joke. Millions have sold, and it’s been featured on NBC news and received rave reviews from Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington. So what are you waiting for?

Make potty time, party time!Click Here to Have The Cleanest And Coolest Toilet In History

Peeps: The Perfect Gadget For Anyone With Glasses
With over 1.5 million sold, this is a must have for everyone with glasses. Designed specifically for cleaning eyeglasses, sunglasses and reading glasses, Peeps is the world’s safest and most tested lens cleaning technology in the world. Peeps groundbreaking invisible carbon microfiber formula keep your glasses as clean as the day you bought them, at all times.

This is actually the same lens cleaning technology used by NASA.

Peeps™ has been lab tested, and it lasts for over 500 individual lens cleans. It cleans lenses 4x faster than pads. So not only do you save money, you save time! Click here or the button below to get Peeps. You’ll never see the same way again!Get Peeps Today

Fit Track™️ – The World’s Smartest Scale
Trust me when I say that FitTrack is as advertised. The world’s smartest scale…

It literally knows everything about you the second you set it up and step on it. If you click hereor the button below you can get 50% off a second FitTrack if you buy one.Click Here To Learn More And Get 50% Off

Move Over Super Glue – You Have Officially Been Replaced
For fine china, broken wine glasses, or even damaged plumbing, Bondic is the fix-all for once thought “unrepairable” household necessities. This revolutionary, non-toxic liquid is not your standard super glue – it’s much stronger. Each kit comes with a combination device – a “liquid plastic welder” – an easy to hold, pen-sized tube of specially-designed clear liquid, a shaping tool, and a UV light.Click here For More Information On Bondic

“Strangelands” Gourd Lamp Shade – A Truly Curious Find
It’s a hand-made, made-to-order lamp shade made of gourds from calabash trees, planted and grown by the artist himself. Click here and go to the description section to read the whole story. In short, the “Strangelands” Lamp Shade is truly a labor of love and something every “weird room in the house” should have. It’s 100% cool, unique and odd at the same time.Click Here For More About “Strangelands”

Breathe Green: All-Natural Charcoal Activated Air Freshener That Eliminates Odors For Good
The magic of activated charcoal continues to amaze even scientists. Discover new ways to use its already-proven purifying power. Imagine never having to spray a bottle again. New Charcoal bags are a simple trick to remove foul smells around your apartment or house. Breathe Green is now having a package deal: the more you get, the more you can save. Check it out now.Eliminate The Worst Odors For Good With Breathe Green

Better Charge Is Changing The Phone Industry
Wired phone chargers are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Not only are they inconvenient but also extremely inefficient. A graduate from MIT developed an extremely forward looking-charging device called The Better Charge that allows you to charge your phone from anywhere.

It’s super thin, so you can fit a case over it, and it instantly turns any phone (Apple, Samsung, Nokia, etc.) into a wireless-charging capable device. Once the adapter is attached, you can wirelessly charge your phone on the sleek charging pad or car adapter that comes with it.

Wireless charging will increase your battery life, data streaming, and overall performance. Better Charge is changing the phone industry and making wired chargers relics of the past.Get Better Charge Today

Dodow™️ – Go To Sleep Faster
“Necessity Is The Mother Of Invention”. The Dodow Inventors Needed To Sleep, Dodow™ Was Born.

In short, here’s how this scientifically proven method to go to sleep faster works. When you put Dodow on your nightstand, it projects a soft blue light onto your ceiling (that expands and retracts). When you breathe along with the light as it fades in and out, it helps you relax and calm your mind. It reduces your breaths per minute by 55%, which in turn slows your heart rate, and within 8 minutes, you’ll probably be fast asleep. Sound weird right? But it actually works…

Learn more about how this extremely effective gizmo works..Sleep Better Tonight With Dodow »

Stop Snoring Instantly With This One Simple Gadget
We all sleep poorly every now and then, but when constant snoring robs you of your nightly zzz’s, always being tired can have a cumulative effect. From upset spouses to health issues, there’s nothing good that comes from snoring, but do you know how to stop it once and for all?

Don’t waste money on mouthpieces that do more harm than good, nasal strips that fall off during the night, or even worse, the time and money it takes to visit your doctor and purchase a CPAP machine.

Snore Warden lets you take back control over your sleeping habits and prevents snoring from night one. Simply put on the comfortable device and let it do its magic while you enjoy rest and relaxation. Eliminate sleep apnea, depression, exhaustion, and wake up next to a happy partner for only $79.97.

Enjoy a 100% money-back guarantee and join almost 250,000 happy customers (and their sleeping partners)!Click Here To Stop Snoring For Good

ScreenKlean: Never Have A Dirty Screen Again!
Isn’t it amazing that we spend $100’s and $1,000’s on expensive electronics that have gorgeous, HD displays and then we resort to using cheap rags and sprays to clean the screens? Problem with those so-called ‘screen approved’ cloths is, even with some extra elbow-grease, they often only smear, smudge, and leave bacteria behind. With this knowledge in mind, the innovators behind ScreenKlean created an “intelligent” carbon molecule, attracting and lifting away any and all traces of grime.

ScreenKlean is completely 100% natural carbon and eco-friendly eliminating any build up of bacteria, for an all-around healthier screen and device and a better you. Never have a dirty screen ever again!

This brilliant cleaner works wonders on phones, tablets, computers and TV’s. They will continue to perform at their absolute highest resolution possible. Click here or below to get your ScreenKlean now.Click Here To Get ScreenKlean

1Tac Roadside Safety Discs
1Tac Safety Discs offers the highest level of roadside safety for on-the-road emergencies.

1Tac can be used as a road flare, emergency beacon, marine applications, and can even be used for camping. The strong magnetic backing allows the 1Tac Safety Disc to adhere to your vehicles hood and other metal surfaces, while the bright LED’s make sure your loved one can be seen from thousands of feet away.

Give yourself and your loved ones peace of mind by getting

Never Lose Your Keys Again
I am not sure about you, but I know that I have found myself saying the phrase “I lost my car keys” more than once.

Trust me when I say that if your car keys are lost, you are about to experience an expensive headache you do not want to deal with. However, if you are currently reading this, then I will forego crying over spilled milk with you. (Never beat someone that is already down or something like that.)

I will also avoid lecturing you on the reasons why everyone needs a spare car key. I still don’t. But I do have a cool little gadget that ensures I’ll never lose my keys again.

Doc Socks – Pain Relieving Socks
DocSocks Soothers are technologically advanced compression socks that provide instant and soothing relief for aching, swelling feet. Doc socks are worn by professional athletes before during and after games, so they must be doing something right.

DocSocks are designed with incredibly comfortable compression fabric. They were created by a leading Podiatrist who had comfort and pain relief in mind, without any reduction in performance. DocSocks creates stability and structural compression that makes everything more comfortable – running, hiking, walking, or even just relaxing.

One size fits all, so feel free to give yourself and friends the gift of foot comfort. Thank us later.Learn More About Doc Socks

VIZR: Instantly Turn Your Phone Into A Save Driving Display
Statistics show that distracted drivers are as impaired when using their cell phones as they are when drunk. Looking down at your GPS for 5 seconds could result in a costly ticket, injury, or even death. We need to know where we are going but we need to do it safely. is the perfect solution. This groundbreaking UI system takes the GPS from your phone and places it right in front of your eyes.

VIZR is easy to use and requires zero installation. You just take it out of the box and place it on the dashboard, under your smartphone, and suddenly your car becomes exponentially safer. Snow, hail, rain or shine, VIZR safely navigates you to your destination in any dangerous condition. It also provides traffic updates and looks really cool.

Neck Hammock – Relieve Neck Pain And Stiffness Naturally And Fast
Sitting around all day can cause a bunch of problems including neck pain and stiffness. Neck pain is a common problem with few solutions. But thanks to this innovative gizmo, that’s about to change. It’s called the and it was designed by an actual physiotherapist and uses cervical traction to relax tight neck muscles and promote better neck mobility, reducing pain and allowing you to live his life again. Neck Hammock was also featured on the Dr.Oz Show as one of the best health finds of 2018.

It’s the miracle of cervical traction to your home in the form of a simple, portable device you can use every day. It’s a great product you probably didn’t even think existed. You can purchase the Neck Hammock directly from their website by clicking here.Click Here To Get Neck Hammock »

Renuback – Fix Your Posture And Fix Your Health
Having poor posture is something that could plague you for your entire life. In addition to a bad impression, poor posture can lead to headaches, heartburn, back problems, muscle fatigue and lack of focus. We found that does not involve going to a chiropractor.

Renuback is a simple gadget that has scientifically proven results. Bad posture is often the result of a lifetime of bad sitting and standing habits, Renuback guarantees to correct this issue. Not only will you look better but you will absolutely feel better.

Make Any High Heels Feel Like Walking Shoes
Anyone that wears heels will love this product. As you are well aware, heels can be the highlight of your night AND the bane of your existence at the same time. If you’re like my wife, you bring an extra pair of more comfortable shoes for when the night winds down, or to slip on for walks any longer than 50 feet.

What if there was a product that actually made all of your beloved high heels feel like walking shoes? Well, thanks to Erin, one of our trusty finders, you’re in luck!

Any person that wears heels will want it. Trust me.Click Here To Make Your Heels Feel Walking Shoes

Super Boost Wifi – Get WiFi In Every Nook And Cranny Of Your House
Problem: Imagine getting home after an 8-hour shift and you’ve been looking forward to your favorite time of the day. Post-work lounging with your favorite device in the comforts of your home or backyard. Just you, your device, and the internet. Nothing is more annoying when you’re finally in your happy place, and the WiFi signal sucks.

Solution: Super Boost WiFi

With the Wi-Fi booster, you can make sure your home is covered from corner to corner. Don’t let this simple problem get in the way if your ‘Me-time’. You’ll thank me later for solving this problem for you.

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